Project List

*Multiple projects on the street


Airdrie Rd 4*
Annesley Ave 2*
Astor Ave 2*
Beaufiled Ave
Bessborough Dr 8*
Brentcliffe Rd
Cameron Crs
Dividale Dr 2*

Don Avon Dr
Donegall Dr
Donlea Dr 6*
Fairland Rd 2*
Field Ave
Flemming Crs
Glennbrae Ave
Glenvale Ave 3*

Hanna Rd 4*
Heather Rd 2*
Killdeer Crs 2*
Laird Dr 4*
Leadale Ave
MacNaughton Rd
McRae Dr 4*
Millwood Rd

Parkhurst blvd 3*
Parklea Dr 3*
Rolland Rd
Rumsey Rd 9*
Rykert Crs 3*
Sharron Dr
Southlea Ave 4*
Southvale Dr 4*

Sutherland Dr 4*
Tanager Ave
Thursfield Crs
Vanderhoof Ave
Wicksteed Ave


Annette St
Audrey Ave
Balliol St 4*
Barrydale Crs
Bayview Heights Dr
Bedford Park Ave 3*
Belsize Ave
Blantyre Ave
Bloor St W
Bobmar Rd 2*
Bridgeview Rd
Broadway Ave
Bromton Ave
Buckingham Ave

Burkebrooke Place
Burnham Rd
Cheltenham Dr
Cleveland St 2*
Colin Ave
Craighurst Ave
Daneswood Rd
Davisville Ave
Dawson Ave
Douglas Dr, Miss.
Dougwood Dr
Edgemore Dr
Edmund Ave

Evergreen Gdn
Felbrigg Ave
Fleet St, Miss.
Garden Ave
Germain Mills Rd
Glen Echo Rd
Glengrove Ave W
Glenview Ave
Glenwood Dr, Miss.
Harbour Sq
Heath St 2*
Hillsdale Ave E 4*

Hoyle Ave
Humbercrest Blvd
Jedburgh Rd
Kingswood Rd
Lake Promenade
Lonsdale Rd
Manor Rd E
Mayall Ave
Mona Dr
Neville Park Blvd
Oakhurst Dr Thornhill
Roe Ave
Scarborough Rd

Sheldrake Blvd
Sir Williams Lane
Southwood Ave
St. Germain Ave
Stockdale Crs
Strath Ave
The Kingsway
Titan Rd
Wanless Ave
Wellington Ave
Whitewood Rd
Woburn Ave
Woodbine Ave